Friday, December 07, 2007

One Hundred Ten Photographs.

I always think on things I see in front of me. Usually this involves food, but today, I found myself standing in front of the Library. It’s been starting to snow more heavily lately, so I felt a desire to head inside. I felt a bit intimidated, or maybe I suspected that it would be trespassing to enter through the great main doors, so I decided to enter through the underground tunnel instead of the front doors. I always wondered how the world is like for not-main-entrance-building-enterers, and I felt like this kind of person today. Like a not-main-entrance-building-enterer, I emerged into the building through a stairway from the bottom, worrying if I would lose my sense of direction and become lost. What really concerned me at the time was that I didn’t have my altimeter with me. This could quickly turn into a disaster if I wasn’t careful.

Along the hall were numerous doors leading to what must be incredibly small rooms. I started to wonder what they all could be used for, but I had to continue forward. I came to what I think was the center of the building. A stairway on the south went up to the second floor, and a large room was visible through an arch with a front desk positioned in the middle and some shelves lining the walls. I climbed to the second floor and saw a very similar large room on the west. I headed through it and took a moment to skim some books. After this, I took the west exit and the corridor heading north. It felt like a museum with various pieces on display on tables along the walls. Reaching the north stairs, I climbed to the fourth floor. I noticed that there’s this weird door to the west, it looked really heavy compared to the rest of the library’s doors, so I entered and immediately felt as if I had just walked right into a basement. The walls became dark gray. I felt like if I were to examine them closely, I would be able to find water leaking down them onto the floor. Some rooms were quite large, but were divided by walls made of chain fencing, with steep stairways heading to sections filled with piles of cardboard boxes. I found a rusty metal elevator along the wall, so I decide to ride it down to ground level. Along the ride, one Bruno Cecilson joins me.

“What’s that I see you have there, brother?”
“Oh, it’s my Bialosky Fixed-Focus Camera.”
“You’re still using one of those? Don’t you find the images to be grainy?”
“I find, in the right hands, it can turn out better photos than some of the latest gigapixel models.”
“Could you do me a favor? When you leave, take a photograph of the loftcube I saw on the roof of this building. I’ve never been able to actually find my way up there.”

Outside once again, from the south, I held out my camera, and took two shots of the top of the library. I decided on one to put on the website and gave the other to Bruno.

music to accompany the internote: Kraftwerk – Die Roboter.

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