Monday, October 22, 2007

Aktuelles Sandwïch

It has come to my attention that the sandwiches I've had so far have all been dreamt up next to the fridge, being composed of whatever various things I happened to see at the moment. So I decided that I should go, and see what other people do when it comes to sandwich-making-time. When I thought of sandwich shop, the first place that came to mind is Hero's Submarine Sandwich Shop, but that's not available here, so I went to a place called Jimmy John's. When there, on recommendation, I ordered one of the sandwiches with roast beef, since I enjoy putting roast beef into my mouth, chewing it, then performing a swallow to place its location to my stomach. At Jimmy John's, this sandwich is called a #10 Hunter's Club.

[Brofessional Sandwich]

It has, according to the menu, 1/4 pound of medium rare roast beef, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. One thing I notice is that the bread tastes kind of like there's no substance to it, as a hot dog bun or something. I don't know, though, if all sandwiches are generally made like this, or it's just these kinds.

[Sandwich after some Chomping]

My review of this will be in comparison to previous sandwiches I have eaten: the peanutbutter/nutella/jelly saltine and the Cheez-IT. This is the best sandwich ever.