Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cöoldude Production

Here's a classic recipe for my homemade Crab Magoos: First, you'll want to prepare the filling, so dump some cream cheese in a bowl, then mix it with sugar, and half and half. Then add in an egg white or something and beat it until you get peaks. That's when you know it's done. Next, you'll want some tasty dipping sauce, so fill a saucepan with water, then add sugar, heat and dissolve it, then add corn syrup, and pour in some orange liquour. It might crystalize or something, I dunno, so try not to mess up. Lastly, you'll want to make the dough for the crab magoos. I don't know how to do this step.

We had tickets to attend a live production of Still Here With the Wind. It was okay entertainment I guess, but not especially memorable. After it was finished, we exited the second floor balcony, and descended what must’ve been a hundred feet stairwell to the main hall. My friend wanted to climb out of the wooden box to exit to the second level parking lot, so we had to wait about fifteen minutes for him to get through since his body isn’t as flexible as he thought it was. We got in our minivan and drive off to the east side of the complex, and accidentally got on a road that is currently under maintenance. The road, made of hollow bone-shaped rocks, started sinking into the lake, while the construction worker present kindly shouted instructions at us, inquiring what we thought we were doing. Luckily our minivan was able to make the climb back onto normal road, so we were heading north now, and made a stop off at a friend of a friend’s, the home of Lars Cooldude. He wasn’t home at the moment, so we had to break the door down to get in. We took this moment to look around Lars’s place, it was pretty nice. He seemed to be a pretty big fan of high class entertainment. We spent a while looking around, admiring various pieces on display, but then we turned around to see that Lars Cooldude was not gone, but he was standing there, staring at us, a breeze blowing about his mid-length wavy blonde hair and a slightly crazy look in his eyes, but maybe only crazy in that he seems to be showing no emotion. I started to back away from him, and I ended up at a door leading to stairs going up. At first I climbed slowly, but before I knew what had happened, I was running up a tower made of iron stairs with no walls or outer railings, and Lars was trailing behind me while reciting lines from various plays. I reached the top of the tower, out of breath, and I realized that I still need to pick up my key from the key molder above the garbage dump.

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