Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Small Big-Sandwich Internote

After eating all those sandwiches last time, I was excited to eat some more sandwiches at a different place and internote again. This time, the sandwiches are from Silver Mine Subs. I used to pass by the place all the time without really realizing it is a sandwich shop, but this time things are different.
(note: I ate the large size of all of these sandwiches)

Steam Engine - This was the first sandwich I got. Unlike the last place, they sell warm sandwiches in addition to ones with only cold meats. The Steam Engine is a meatball sub. There was some other stuff on it too, like maybe peppers or onions or whatever, but the main thing here is the meatballs. I thought it was a good sandwich, although I messed up and dropped half of mine on the floor and it got a bit messy, but I ate it just the same.

Lawless Leadville - A turkey and ham sandwich. It's good that there was both turkey and ham, because I think it there was only one, especially if it was just the turkey, it would have been really lame.

Dodge City - It's a tasty pepperoni and salami sandwich. The vinegar makes the lettuce taste especially vinegary if the pepperoni and salami wasn't enough for you.

Tombstone - The Tombstone is kind of a plain boring turkey sandwich. I thought it needed some bbq or cock sauce when I was eating it. It's like the leadville, but they took out the ham and added in sprouts, which is stupid, even if the sprouts don't get in the way like that other beach-themed sandwich. If you need to eat something because you're hungry, and not because you want to taste some flavor molecules something, this will do it.

Georgetown - I don't remember anything about this one. I see a piece of bacon in my picture though, so maybe this was a turkey bacon sandwich, in which case I can already say it's way better than the Tombstone. There might be a better bacon sandwich available, but this is the only one I've had so far from this place.

I actually ate these sandwiches probably over 2 weeks ago and haven't been there since. I probably won't be going back there either so I decided just to make the internote now with what I currently had to work with.