Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fried Eggiwegs

I had a bunch of eggs, and since the first thing that comes to mind is to smash them, I started frying eggs in a pan. I smash them open on a flat surface because that seems to work best for me. But since my stove is electric and I had never used one before in my life, I had some problems with frying them at first.

Electric stoves don't make any sense! It's all a flat surface and then it turns red in color on the one spot and gets super hot somehow. Except that you can have your pan sitting on there for like 5 whole minutes and it still won't have reached some sort of temperature equilibrium. I had the dial at number 6 at first, and it felt like it wasn't hot enough to cook anything, so I turned it up to the max, and things were cool for a bit, but then it was way too much! I would butter the pan and before even a second could pass, the butter burned up. I guess in the end, my strategy was to turn the dial to the max, and try to get all my cooking done in that moment of time while it's still getting hotter, but before it's crazy ridiculously hot.

This is what they looked like once I got better at cooking them. I cooked most of them easy over, and after I got the hang of it, I was able to go through a half dozen eggs without breaking any of the yolks. And before eating them, I poured on some barbecue sauce and cock sauce because those make it taste great.