Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Fjordian House of Self-Feeding Åctivity

I wonder what ever happened to my other jar of nutella.

I was in the Fjordian House of Self-Feeding Activity, enjoying the different foods available for use. I was chomping on some cream cheese based sauces, when I decided to take a look behind me. I saw a man with orange hair wearing a weird gray sweater with a gray square tessellation with squares all over. I turned back around again. The only person I could see now was the Master of the Hall watching us. I questioned the orange haired man, “Do you enjoy eating ridiculous things?”

“My food preferences are not exactly like yours. I am not from the Fjord.”

I was worried about this man being here now. I started to sweat. Something was not right. “Master of the Hall, who is this man? Why is he here?”

“He comes from a people that grow sweaters from the ground, then consume the sweaters for nourishment.”

My arms were shaking at this point. “Orange Haired Man. You do not belong here. This is not your home. Please go back to where you came from.” The room stayed silent and the man stayed where he was.

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