Monday, August 08, 2011

"Eco" Cases

I hate the Eco Cases that discs get sold in nowadays. A bunch of other idiots probably love them because they like to pretend to themselves that they are somehow "saving" the environment, and they enjoy being tricked by all the positive-sounding words surrounding them, like "friendly", "green", and "saving". Probably a lot of people who don't care about packaging design just immediately throw their cases in the garbage 2 minutes after ripping the case apart to get the disc out. I guess the recycling symbol would be appropriate then.

Here's a list about how eco cases are different from normal cases:
- the packaging looks shitty and full of holes
- it's name being "eco case" is pretentious
- when you hold it, it feels like it will crumple up like a sandwich bag
- the case cover art will get bent inwards easily and will be left with markings of where the holes are in the case
- whenever you buy one on ebay, there will be a much higher chance of the case art being damaged, either by the person who would sell their things so doesn't have as much as an incentive to keep it looking nice for himself, or during the mailing process when it's in a mailing envelope
- the holes in the case scream out "look! we found a way to save ourselves on manufacturing and shipping costs!"
- they don't hold up as well to being stacked in huge piles
- you have to buy another case if you want to replace it with a normal case

I rate eco cases 0 out of 2.

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