Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Impressions of King's Field

King's Field is a Playstation game that comes in a big Sega CD/Saturn sized box, except that the plastic is black and the cover has a sticker on it instead of the manual being the box's cover. Due the first King's Field not being released in english, King's Field is actually King's Field II and King's Field II is actually King's Field III, and King's Field: The Ancient City is actually King's Field IV, so as to not scare off new customers that might not play King's Field IV because they are afraid of high numbers.

I played the first King's Field for a short while so far:

- it's first-person action dungeonship crawling
- there are lots of scary skeletons
- the music is scary
- I'm scared of getting lost
- it takes me 4 seconds to turn around to check if there's a scary skeleton behind me

Another first-person view dungeonship crawling game I tried earlier was Arx Fatalis. I stopped playing shortly in when the game required that I draw symbols with the cursor to cast spells. Maybe I just found it extra annoying because I was doing it with a touchpad and a pen tablet, but I suspect I would still not enjoy doing it with a mouse.

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