Friday, May 01, 2009

Huge Big-Sandwich Internote

I was looking through the offerings of Fat Sandwich Company when I came across a single item that cost 25 bucks. It was called the Big Fat Ugly, and the ingredient list had a huge description of a bunch of meats, so I naturally assumed this had to be some kind of sandwich sampler option, where I get to taste a variety of sandwiches from the place. I had to order this, and when it was delivered a short time later, I was somewhat shocked to realize that it wasn't a sampler, but everything just tossed into one sandwich and wrapped in foil.

[Big Sandwich - detail]

I knew this was too much for me to eat alone, so I cut it in half and shared.

[Big Sandwich - bisection]

It's really difficult to eat this like a normal sandwich. I tried one bite that way, but then changed my strategy to eating my way from the top to the bottom using a fork, going through layers of meat, fries, onion rings, and jalapeno poppers. Most of it was pretty good. I liked the bunch of fries even though it seems like filler and was a bit soggy from ketchup and mayonnaise. All of the meat was great, except for the hamburgers. I felt those were really plain-tasting, but I supposed that was my fault for not biting into it along with a bunch of other random things at the same time. Identifying what I was eating at the moment was a bit of a challenge. I should have kept a checklist, because some of the foods said to be in the sandwich I think went unaccounted for in my eating of it.

I took my time working my way through it, and I finished (half of it) in about an hour. I hear they have a challenge where if you eat one in 15 minutes, you get it for free, but I'm not going to be trying for that - I'm not a glutton.


matsam said...

That's not a sandwich, it's a challenge. Man up, bro.

Anonymous said...

Nasty! lol jk...good strategy though