Friday, April 04, 2008

Whivorbeskrandsetizkreiter Esculent

Great news! I received my first donation from a reader! With 20 bucks from one Miss Lauren Campbell-Jackson, I am well on my way to being able to live without worry of robots. The rest of you had better pony up. And fast.

Lots of people dressed in Victorian clothes were presented to my vision upon completion of the surrounding-examination process. I also noticed weird water or oil streaks on the ground. They were a bright blue, and I could see the liquid flowing. The grass was a dark green, and it felt like it had rained recently, but I couldn’t tell for certain. I don’t want to be accidentally making things up here. The circular platform I was on was cut off by empty space surrounding it, and my visibility isn’t great enough such that I could see anything in the distance besides a nice soothing blue gradient backdrop. In the center of the platform was another empty space, but in the center of it was something tasty. I could smell the flavor molecules coming towards me....

~Well, I was in my backyard, and my neighbour just installed a whip cream swimming pool. Naturally, since I am more passionate than my neighbour about these things, I advised him to put a cover on the pool since it was due to rain later that day. He then invited me to join him in the pool, but I had a mental breakdown at the thought of the pool being soiled by people being inside it. Then I woke up in the hospital and looked at my left arm, to see a nurse sewing up a part of my skin. I asked what happened, but no one would tell me....~

Around me were broken down stone structures, and people, they were floating, gathering in groups of mostly two or three, making motions rapid, but never five or more. I realize their placement on the ground isn’t correct by my high standards, some are floating above it, some are halfway inside the ground, and they’re ghosts. I came across a bottleneck where a ghost with a book made out of bandages attached to his arm with the characters “MEXL” written on it is talking about things. Noticing the blue oil splotches again, I had to start clubbing them with the weird thing in my hand. I didn’t accomplish anything, but a decision had to be made.


matsam said...

As always, Zeefer, what the fuck.

PrincessK said...

Lauren Campbell-Jackson donated $20!? That's money she should be saving for her college funds! Her dad's going to be sooooo mad!