Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Food Experiment

I've had Cheez-It and Cheese Nip crackers, but I've never really examined the properties of each that make them unique.  After having tasted both kinds of cheese crackers within a short span of time, I believe that Cheez-It has a much more X-TREME cheese flavor, while Cheese Nip is better at being much more toned down and cracker flavored.  Cheese Nips also seem to have burn spots strewn.

I wasn't satisfied with these results so far, so I decided to use more rational methods to reach my answer: I invoked the scientific method to my cause.  This of course meant that I would be performing a food experiment.  I then went to work on assembling a sandwich using the two kinds of crackers...

[Food Experiment Setup]
[sandwich in detail]

Conclusion: I can make a ridiculous mini-sandwich out of Cheez-It and Cheese Nip crackers.

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