Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hero Sandwich

I like eating sandwiches, so when I had one from Hero's Submarine Sandwich Shop, I was understandably excited. The thing that separates these heroes from others is that they have bread and meat, and then some other stuff like onions and junk. It's one of those places where you buy a sandwich and go immediately to an extended metal windowsill that is supposed to function as a table with no chairs or stools, then unwrap your sandwich and eat it while reflecting on your favorite sports team or the hand drawn city map of questionable accuracy hanging on the wall. More often though, you'll just want to take your food and head out, then sit on the grassy field across the street. You'll then think about why you didn't want to buy a soda or a bag of Vitner's as you watch your friend complain about too much ice in the drink, which you completely agree about, reader. After discussing band music during the meal (I'd give it about twenty minutes (ten per each half (I'm assuming you ordered one whole) of the sandwich)), you may wonder about the party store in the distance, but then realize you've had enough silly business for today and head off for the liquor store.

[Hero Sandwich]

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